EVGA or XFX 780i vs. Gigabyte GA EP-45 (P-45)

Setup is Q6700; 8 GB 6400 DDR2 RAM; 850W ThermalTake Black Widow Modular; Antec 900; BFG 9800 GTX +

Should I get the more expensive EVGA or XFX 780i Mobo OR the less expensive Gigabyte EP-45 ????

I plan to MAYBE overclock in the future, but not right away. I would like to SLI my 9800 GTX with another in the future, but I may decide to get a 280 instead. However, the card (9800GTX) will only continue to drop in price, so how good will my performance be playing over 40" Samsung 1080P LCD??? Will I have framerate issues with that card on 720P or 1080P resolutions??

Price is only a slight issue; I want the best board for my rig. Gigabyte will be loads more stable, as far as I have been able to research. Will this translate into better performance for a SINGLE video card???

Also, I have a Q8200 processor. But I am leaning toards the Q6700.. GOOD IDEA????

Let me know how good each board will do stock, no OC, with single card. THANKS POSTERS!!!!!!!

You guys make my decisions so much easier.
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  1. I had written that the EP-45 Gigabite was stable but it seems lots of people reviewing it saying it's "Finicky". Looks like it has problems with auto settings, which isn't all bad, but if you aren't comfortable with manually putting your settings in I would steer away from it.

    780i is a good board, lots of support and supports SLI if you wish to buy another 9800GTX as you mentioned. These overclock fine, but not as well as the p45.

    To me it sounds like you would like to SLI later on, I would go with the Evga 780i or 780i FTW for the better stability.
  2. I have the EP-45 DS3R and it has been rock solid.
    If you want an inexpensive and robust motherboard for overclocking and possible xfire in the future I would highly recommend this board.
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