Q6600 OC Problem

Hi guys. I just bought a new motherboard, so I decided to take a venture into Overclocking, but ran into a problem that hopefully someone can shed some light on.

Mobo - XFX 750i SLI
CPU - Q6600 g0 stepping
CPU Heatsink - Coolermaster Hyper-N 620
GPU - EVGA 8800 GTS 648mb
RAM - OCZ NVidia ddr2 800mhz 2x2 gb
PSU - 1000w Coolermaster real power pro
Case - Coolermaster HAF 932
OS - Windows 7 Pro x 64

I had the Cpu running at 3ghz (333x9) for a couple days. It was running at 100% load using BOINC the whole time with no errors, then out of no where, I got a BSOD. Didn't have time to read what it said before it rebooted. After the BSOD, it refused to load windows with the current settings. It gets to the windows loading screen, then decides to reboot.

Max Temperature on each core was around 50c prior to the BSOD, so it wasn't caused by temperatures.

Memory 2.1v (5-4-4-15)
CPU + 0.025 (Tried upping to +0.375 after BSOD, still wouldn't boot, have a feeling it might need to go even higher)
FSB 1.225v
NB 1.28
SB 1.53

Anyways, I reverted to my stock settings for now. I don't understand why it would run stable for several days under max load, then crap out and refuse to boot..

Thanks in advance for any tips anyone can provide.
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  1. I bumped all voltages except memory up a lil bit, managed to get it to boot again at 333x9. Does anyone know why it would boot before at much lower voltages, and run stable for days, then BSOD out of no where and refuse to load windows?
  2. currently in process of testing my q6600 @ 3.0 ghz on stock cooling and voltages. Done 10 [hours] prime95 so far, all good with temps not too high. I'll round off with prime95 + continuous runs of 3dmark06 for about an hour, after I had a nap.
  3. k.. not sure what that has to do with my BSOD and random inability to boot windows, but thanks for letting me know? What are your temps? Motherboard? A little more information would be nice.....
  4. motherboard is asus p5kpl-am. Coretemp shows the current core 1 temp as 66 degrees c and the highest temp obtained so far during testing as 68 degrees c (core 1)

    update: after continous runs of 3dmark06 on top of prime95, coretemp shows the highest temp reached by core 1 as 70 degrees c. My gpu core hit 99 degrees c.
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    It's probably the fact that its a lower mid level chipset. From my experience with Nvidia chipsets they have always been flaky in my opinion.. They make great graphics cards, but chipset manufacturing belongs to the Intel if your looking to overclock. you would be lucky to get 3.0 ghz out of a quadcore and dont even think about ddr 2 1066 on an nvidia chipset with an overclocked cpu. the northbridge just cant take it.. :(
  6. Ahh, yeah, I kind of suspected it might be the chipset. I knew the board wasn't the best when I bought it, but I was on a budget. I was hoping to get around 3.4-3.6, but I think I'll be happy if I can get 3.2 stable.
    I won't be raising the memory above 800 mhz, unless of course I decide to go over 400 fsb, which I don't see myself doing with this board.

    Thanks for the reply Nitrous. I'll keep fiddling around with the settings and see how high I can go. A BSOD after days of stress testing is pretty frustrating though.. :( I might just try and sell the entire system and rebuild from scratch if I can get a decent price for it.
  7. yeah try and scam some noob for it why don't you
  8. Who said anything about scamming? What is your problem? You've been no help whatsoever and you keep posting irrelevant stuff.
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