[Noob] Picking a new motherboard, need advice

Hello !
I am planning to buy an AMD CPU, probably somethig along the lines of x2 4820e

The board I am looking for needs to have intergrated graphics with DVI out. Not expecting to run any crazy games, it will be used mostly for internet and applications, but still I want a known chip that can match actual low end graphic cards that are on the market.

Would be nice to be able to overclock

-Price has to be as cheap as possible for what I am looking for, which is just a nice motherboard that will hold 4gb of ram and run Counter Strike Source smoothly, hehe.

Thanks Sirs !
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  1. You should check out the Integrated GPU roundup that www.anandtech did a little while back. It should give you a good idea about which board to get.
  2. well, you didnt state whether it had to be micro ATX or just ATX so there are two mobos that i have linked to you that have what your looking for:



    and yes, both can play C:SS ;)
  3. Thanks ! Will check out the roundup.
    I have a Compucase mid-tower case, so I believe I need ATX.

    These actaully look really nice especailly the second one.. I don't know these companies but then again I am outdated.. I only know asus, gigabyte, abit, msi, etc.
  4. mATX boards fit in big cases too .

    If you dont need the extra expansion slots that you'd get with an full atx boards then save the $ and buy mATX
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