Vista64 BSOD on startup after upgrading CPU, 4GB RAM Issue

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my old processor (e6700) to a Q9550 on my Asus P5W DH Deluxe. Everything started fine until the windows welcome screen was about to pop up and I get a half second flash of a BSOD and the computer will restart.

Now, I removed 2gb of RAM and the computer will boot into windows and work fine running on the 2gb left.

Vista is fully up to date with SP1 so I don't know how the RAM issue has cropped up.

Would reinstalling windows be a solution or is something else required?

Many thanks,

- David
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  1. Burn a memtest86+ CD and test all the sticks together. Let it go through several passes. If it shows any errors, increase your memory voltage 0.1-0.2 volts and see if it helps. Some times 4 sticks needs a bit more power then 2.
  2. reset BIOS and do a fresh reinstall of windows.
  3. There's a few things you can try:

    How to check system files in Vista:

    How to perform a Startup repair:

    How to perform a full system repair:

    How to generate a system health report:

    checking the Reliability Monitor for errors:
  4. theres a hotfix for this...i dont know if it'd be in sys updates or SP1 but always worth a try:

    and also the forum i found it at:
  5. Are you using Vista 64bit?
  6. Yes it's Vista 64, I also tried the patch as well but it wouldn't let me install it as it wasn't needed for my system.

    I'll reinstall windows but I'm unsure as how to reset the BIOS, what do I need to do for that?

    - David
  7. You need to make sure your memory voltage is at the correct voltage for the memory. You may have to increase your northbridge voltage to get it stable also.

    Another thing is to try the memory in the other channel.

    Nukemaster is right on check with memtest. If you get alot of errors(even with voltage increases) you may have a bad stick.

  8. go into BIOS there is an option on the first page says Load optimised default.choose that and restart.
  9. Cheers, I just need to point out that I've had this 4GB RAM running on my computer fine for months, this problem has only just occurred when I replaced the CPU.

    Is it possible the new CPU has somehow effected the power being delivered to the RAM, like I said when I removed 2gb it runs fine.
  10. Also I'm obviously new to the whole BIOS thing, how do I go about increasing the voltage to the ram, I've found the documentation on the voltage which needs to be 2.1v and the latency settings of 4-4-4-12.

    In any case when I get home i'll reset the bios, check the settings on the ram, format and install vista64 again.
  11. Make sure it's at 4-4-4-12 2.1v but also that it match the fsb. Put the memory multiplier to 2x. lets say the multiplier you have is 2.5, with your old cpu stock (266mhz fsb) your memory was at 665 mhz 1.8v wich is ok. Now that your cpu fsb is 333, the memory is 833mhz at 1.8v... and it's rated to run 800mhz at 2.1v.
  12. I recently did a similar update. I had the same motherboard and updated my E6700 to a Q6600 on Windows XP Home. So the differences are I upgraded to a quad core in the same generation not a Penryn and I had Windows XP versus Vista. I didn't need to reset the BIOS, or re-install Windows. I can see needing to reset the CMOS, but I don't think a Windows re-install is necessary. In the case of Windows XP, the HAL needs to be changed going from single core to multicore, but if you go from dual core to quad core everything works fine. I don't see why Vista should be any different.

    What rev of Q9550 are you running? What BIOS revision are you running? The P5W DH Deluxe has supported rev c0 since 2504, c1 with 2704, and rev e0 with the unreleased (according to the download page) 2801. So part of your problem might be BIOS revision. When I go to the CPU Support page and click on the link beside the rev E0, it brings me to a page where is says that 2704 is the latest. Odd?

    By the way I really loved that board, so easy to overclock on (the E6700 anyway). I upgraded to a P5Q Deluxe (which I am also very happy with) because these boards weren't really built with quad cores in mind. My Q6600 ran great at stock and up to 3.0GHz, but I wanted more, and I think the VRM wasn't up to it. I had my E6700 easily up to 3.33GHz with very close to stock voltage.

    Lastly this may not help you with your present problem, but I found this forum over at xtremesystems very helpful with this motherboard:

    Hope some of this helps.
  13. To Georgy

    I'm being a complete idiot, I'm hunting around to trying and find these setting for the latency and voltage of the ram, could anyone give me directions in the BIOS?

    To Techgeek

    I updated the BIOS to 2801 just before getting the Q9550. After using the spec finder on the Intel website it's C1
  14. Enter the bios and go under Advanced, next set Jumper Free followed by setting AI Overclocking to manual.

    Now you will have ALL the settings.
  15. Same issues here I have Mushjkin with 4-4-4-12 also maybe a common issue....I have not found a fix yet
  16. I am just going to guess that the P5W's x975 chipset is being pushed too hard with the 1333 fsb since it was only designed for 1066. The memory is the straw that is breaking its back. Some users have much better luck, but not me.

    I know for a fact my P5W DH will not run ANY 1333 CPU no matter what Asus says. It just freezes right up with any voltage settings. 1066 cpu's run just fine.
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