Windows XP and 6 Gb ...?

I'm in the process of building a new system. I know Windows XP can only address up to 4 Gb of memory but ... will I have any kind of inestability if I use 6 Gb?

I cannot install a 64 bits system because of the programs I regularly use.

Thanks. Regards
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  1. It will work, other than not seeing all of your memory.
  2. 32 bit xp will probably see about 3.2 .

    Only use more if you are willing to pay for the bragging rights
  3. it wont cause any instability, it just wont be able to use all of the memory
  4. What software are you running that requires a 32 bit system? Almost every 64 bit OS out there provides excellent 32 bit emulation for software supported by 32 bit versions of the OS.
  5. VPN clients have notoriously cruddy 64 bit support. Other than that, Rubix is right... 32 bit apps seem to work fine under Vista's 64 bit version.
  6. yup, a lot of stuff runs great under vista 64..

    I can't claim the same for xp 64...
  7. Thank you.
    I don't like Vista. I intend to wait for the new Windows.
  8. More memory modules means more latency due sincronization between modules. Unless they are necessary for multiple channel pourpose.

    sry for the english.
  9. As pointed out, due to addressing limitations inherent in 32 bit OS's installing memory modules over and above (roughly 3.2GB for a single card system) will result in the RAM being unused.

    Gordo's post is correct as well - latency will go up slightly as you use more RAM. Not to mention your motherboard has the added load of driving modules that are merely taking up space.

    In plain english - You gain nothing because the RAM can not be used, and it is more stressful on your hardware.
  10. Well, All I can say is that I just installed Vista 64 on my system 4 days ago and it crashed out on me. I lost all my photos, music and documents. All because I wanted to install a stupid webcam that had 64 bit software that didn't work. Go figure. Needless to say I would rather have a great running machine only showing 3.2GB of my 6GB memory than lose files again.
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