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I know this will be simple, but How do I remove a comma from all of the prices in a column. They are numbers in text format. I have tried changing the format but I can only do one at a time. I just need all of the numbers to go from this 345,500 to this 345500, please
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  1. If you mean the coma in a column on a spread sheet you should be able to click on the entire column. for example if it is Column C you would just need to click on C at the top, the entire column should highlight and then you apply your format changes and it changes the entire column.
  2. If you're in a spreadsheet, highlight the column, as mentioned above, right click, and choose format. Then change it to a 'text' format.

    If you're in a word document, just do a 'find and replace.' Put your , in the find box, and leave the replace box empty.
  3. Does not work
  4. This works:
    Try selecting the column and go to Data|Text to Columns... just Click Finish.

    Then while still selected, right-click select Fomat Cells and in the Number tab, select General
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