ASUS P6T "No Hard Disk Detected" Help me find a fix.

Hey guys, I just put together my first build, an i7 with the following components:
Core i7 920/Asus P6T Deluxe/6GB ddr3 G.Skill / HD 4850 512MB/
WD Caviar 640GB HD/Samsung 22x DVD burner

Everything is running smoothly with Vista Home Premium 62bit, but one thing bothers me is that now everytime before entering windows during post it says "no physical virtual hard disk is detected"
Although it doesn't prevent me from entering my OS or interfere the performance, but i still feel a bit distracted by constantly seeing this poping up everytime, can anyone help me fix the problem?

Do my SATA DVD and HD need to be in a certain order on the mobo? I'm by no means an expert at this, I appreicate your help!

On a side note, now when I boot it gets to the blue ASUS screen that has the options to press delete to enter set up or tab for something or other, but it stays on this screen for at least 2 MINUTES! then Vista will finally load up and all is fine.

I have no idea, I think today I am going to try and update the BIOS from ASUS. this is for sure a good learning experience for me.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. im not totally sure since you do not have screen shots of the message,but i think it might be the marvell SAS controller on your board. try disabling it in the bios and see if that gets rid of it. if not, post screen shots so others can see what you are talking about.
  2. Yeah, disable Marvell IDE in bios, you can also disable the asus logo there. Guess you might also disable ExpressGate if youre not using it. As for the bios update - dont do it just for sake of doing it, if everything works fine than I`d leave bios as it is
  3. This has been a great learning experience being my first build. Thanks for the advice. I did go ahead and disable the Marvell storage controller and SAS controller since I am not using SAS right now. After doing some reading and research I felt more comfortable in BIOS so went ahead and disabled express gate since I wasn't going to be using it, and did the BIOS upgrade to 1003 because I was having issue with my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard making the boot screen hang for over 2 minutes. I read the new BIOS fixed usb keyboard issues, and it sure did - very happy now!

    My build is running perfectly, think I got lucky on my first time. But, really enjoyed the challenge and now the i7 payoff!

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