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Hi guys, I have a Western Digital My Book World Edition II (1 TB) and, because it doesn't come with USB support, I decided to open the enclosure and remove the two S-ATA HDDs to install them into my PC.

However, after removing the two HDDs, I decided to keep only of them inside the enclosure and use it as a backup drive for the notebook. Nevertheless, after installing all cables and turning on the power, I encounter the following problems:

1. the power button on the enclosure doesn't work
2. the HDD is now powered on automatically once I connect the cable to the power outlet
3. the HDD cannot be found on the network so I cannot access it

So, is there any chance to fix these? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Check the internal connections between the HDDs and the enclosure to be sure they are properly aligned seated. Check the internal circuit board to make sure you didn't accidentally break the connection or re-seat/short circuit the power button wires from the board connectors.
  2. I already tried that, all connections seem to be fine. And, as I said, i'm only trying to connect ONE HDD to the enclosure, so one S-ATA cable remains unplugged. I think the HDDs were initially mounted in RAID configurations, so this might be one of the reasons. However, I have no idea how to use the enclosure with only one HDD.

    Additionally, I can't access the HDD from the notebook (it is connected via an ethernet cable).
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