PC Restarts at XP Screen (XP Loading Screen)

Had same problem yesterday so reformatted and only installed SP3 and drivers for mobo and video card.
-BioStar TA760G M2+
-AMD 64 Athlon X2
-nVidia GeForce 7950 GT
-Cooler Master 500 watt PSU
-2X2 Gigs Corsair Dominator DDR2
Thought I had solved the prob as it stopped restarting after reformat. Started OCing with no troubles and PC ran for around 12 hrs as I OCed. Then after a CPU clock increase (maybe 260?) PC starts restarting at XP Load Page.
Reset all OC settings and problem persists.
Here's what I've checked...
-Sys Temp 27c
-CPU Temp 23c
-CPU Voltage 1.3v
-Chip Voltage 1.15v
-Changed out RAM and ran MemTest

My Ideas
-Bad PSU?
-Mobo drivers are bad? They were downloaded directly from BioStar website and installed from a flash drive.
-Chipset on new board doesnt like XP or CPU?
-Tried increasing CPU Voltage with same results.
Any other ideas? I'd rather not reformat again but it may be the only choice?
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  1. Something about your overclock, I would suspect the memory is too far out of spec, which can can cause read/write errors to the disk during boot, leading to corrupted boot/registry files. Windows not booting is one symptom that something about your overclock is not stable, and one result of that unstableness can be.....your issue....means you have to reinstall, or do a repair install of Windows.
  2. I reinstalled XP and started OCing with no problems, then the restart thing started happening again. I increased the memory overvoltage slightly (0.1V) and problem was solved...for a while. Then a new symptom came up, I get stuck at a black screen just after the XP Load Screen. Reset all OC configs and now this problem persists :( What is meant by "memory is too far out of spec"? Again, I used another set of DDR2 with the same problem.
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