Help building a new system! its been too long!

Wow, last time i built a PC for myself, it was.... 2002? Then i went the easy route last time and got a dell XPS.. which at the time was pretty good.
Now, its time for a new PC...
I am going to use Newegg because i have the "preferred account" so I can buy now pay later lol

budget: JUST over $1000 (Over 1K = 12 months no payments LOL)
so i would like to just break the 1K mark
Usage: GAMING!!!!

So I started looking and picking parts.. thinking.. ive done this before// i can do it again....
WOW, i am behind .. things are MUCH different now! lol
I need help :)
I cant really re-use any of the dell parts.
case is custom dell design - HUGE & psu is build into the bottom of it
HD - I will throw this in the new pc as extra storage for pictures etc but to small for primary.
Sound card (SB Audigy 2) ...meh.. onboard sound is probably better than that card.. but u tell me.

I have picked 2 things (maybe 3)... the case & the PSU (& CPU)


and was leaning toward this CPU:

I will need vista as well, so there goes $100 off the top :( (32 or 64 bit??? no clue!!)
gfx.. nVidia or ATI - whichever is better :)

I have picked out 4 mobos, 3 gfx card, etc etc only to empty my shopping cart over and over... i am unsure of what works with what exactly and reading reviews, i never know if that "Con" will effect me. lol

help please and thank you!
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  1. 1. what is the computer for
    2. if for gaming what resolution and is monitor purchase included in 1k?
    3. if gaming what kinds of games?
    4. any plans to crossfire or sli in the near future?
    5. dvd drive included in 1k?
  2. Change the PSU to this PC Power & Cooling 610W.
    This gets you a better PSU and saves you $10 after rebates and shipping.

    @bdollar: he did say GAMING!!!. IMO that's a pretty strong indication that the PC is for gaming :)
  3. main use would be Gaming :)

    I already have:
    20" 2ms samsung LCD
    Good keyboard & Mouse & speakers.

    type of games.. COD4, UT3 (which my current system blows up when i try to run the demo lol)... basically I am a fan of FPS.

    Crossfire/SLI would be real nice (if not now, then maybe in the future)

    dvd drive...well, i have a dvd/cd burner in my current dell, but. its slow.. a new one would be nice (heck.. only like $30 now anyway ;) )
  4. sorry missed that going too fast. here we go:

    your cpu great choice $190
    case - 80
    psu (AEVM rec is good) - 100
    ram - g.skill 4gb (2x2) ddr 800 $80
    hdd - wd 640gb (best price per gb) $85
    Vista - $100 (go 64 bit for sure)
    Mobo - Asus PQ5 P45 $140
    GPU - HD 4850 $175
    DVD - Lite-on SATA around $30

    Grand Total = $980 (hopefully you don't need a monitor) :)

    You could spend more on the mobo if you want crossfire and that will put you over $1k (like x48) but at 1k budget this is a pretty strong rig. that also leaves a little room if you want to get a cpu cooler or any other stuff. not a lot of room though. :) :)
  5. aevm said:
    Change the PSU to this PC Power & Cooling 610W.
    This gets you a better PSU and saves you $10 after rebates and shipping.

    @bdollar: he did say GAMING!!!. IMO that's a pretty strong indication that the PC is for gaming :)


    wow, good find.. (although its not cheaper than the OCZ i was looking at) but $90 instant! and its "silent" Very nice. my dell is the loudest PC i have ever owned. even just playing a video back on... fans start going crazy.. thing is going to take off! lol
  6. by the way. you can crossfire on this mobo but it is x8/x8 instead of 16. so that is why if serious about crossfire might want a different mobo. thing is it depends on when. if it is 1+ year down the road might make more sense to get a better single card. on your 20" monitor (love that monitor by the way) 1680 x 1050 res you should get very good performance off the 4850.
  7. I'm going to assume you have monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers/DVD drive already, since it's not your first PC ever. You can improve all those later anyway.

    Antec 300 - $60, free shipping ($10 less that the case you found, after shipping and rebates)

    Silencer 610W, $80, free shipping

    Asus P5Q Pro Crossfire, $140, free shipping

    E8500 retail, $190, free shipping

    Hitachi Deskstar 500GB, $55, free shipping (normal $65 but it's a combo with the E8500)

    Vista Home Premium 64-bit, $110

    OCZ Reaper 2x2GB, $75

    Sapphire HD 4850, $160 after rebate, free shipping

    Total $1030
  8. Isn't that $870 what did i miss? :) :)

    that's a great deal on the hitachi would take that over my rec at that price, same with the savings on ram that is good ram.

    antec 300 is great case and i had price wrong on PSU

    great post AEVM. and that leaves some serious room unless i am missing something.
  9. with that room again assuming it is $870 he can almost afford a 4870. :) :) or i wonder how much the 4850x2 will be and perform??
  10. Change the PSU to this PC Power & Cooling 610W.
    This gets you a better PSU and saves you $10 after rebates and shipping.

    No Brainer There.
    PCP&C is top notch quality and same price.
  11. Here is ram that is $59.99 after rebate but it has slightly looser timing
  12. Thanks everyone!!

    i kept the case... the $30 rebate is nice so it will be $10 cheaper in the end.

    I am at $969 (before rebates). do I need to get a better cpu cooler?
    liek this?
  13. Oops, in my post I meant TWO HD 4850 cards. That makes it $1030 indeed.
  14. cah027 i wouldn't go cl5 at 2.0v. the extra few bucks for "normal" timings i think is worth it. my personal preference.

    as far as cooling what is your plan. are you ocing or anything?
  15. ok.. so hows this?? (i may tinker with some OC'ing... PLUS, the case has to go in a desk "compartment" so.. yes?)

    LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model iHAS220-08 $31.99

    Thermaltake M9 VI1000BWS Black SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $79.99
    $30.00 Mail-in Rebate

    SAPPHIRE 100242L Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 $179.99
    $20.00 Mail-in Rebate

    PC Power & Cooling S61EPS 610W Continuous @ 40°C EPS12V Power Supply $109.99
    -$90.00 Instant
    $30.00 Mail-in Rebate

    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound $5.99

    OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) $104.99
    -$5.00 Instant
    $30.00 Mail-in Rebate

    ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard $139.99

    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit English $109.99

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler $24.99

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor -$10.00 Combo

    HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive $244.98

    Subtotal: $1,032.89
  16. Aevm has a nice set of suggestions.
    I use the PC P&C silencer 610, and it is always quiet. It never seems to get stressed, so the fans are always on low.

    Since this is for gaming system, get the fastest vga card that you feel comfortable buying.
    A 4870 or GTX260 will be in the $250 range. Their performance is comparable.
    A GTX280, 9800GX2, or 4870X2 are a step up at $400-$550.

    You can get a single pci-e P45 mobo for $50 less. No sense to spend extra on a dual-vga mobo, and a stronger psu in anticipation of sli/crossfire if you are unlikely to use them.

    A oem cooler will be much quieter than the retail heatsink when the cpu is under load. The Xigmatek is popular, and cheap. Get the optional backplate mount to avoid those picky push pins.

    I like the Samsung 203b sata drive
    It is much quieter than my previous plextor. The 223 model should be equally good.

    Shopping tips for Vista:
    1) Do you qualify for an academic license?
    If so, you can get Vista at a discounted price.
    2) Look for an upgrade version of home premium instead of OEM.
    Upgrade is a retail version which gives you support from microsoft, unlike OEM(AKA system builder),
    and allows a more hassel-free ability to transfer the os to a different pc(motherboard).
    For $10, microsoft will send you the 64 bit DVD.
    I saw Vista home premium upgrade recently at Costco for $85, amazon for $89.
    There is a legitimate two step instalation process to install an upgrade version
    You install vista from the cd, but do not initially enter the product code.

    Just tell the install which version you bought, and do not activate.
    After it installs, you have a fully functional vista for 30 days.
    Step 2 is to insert the cd again, while running vista and then do an upgrade.
    This time, enter your product code, and activate.
    After activation. you may delete the initial version which is named windows.old.

    With new parts and programs, you should have no problem with drivers. I have had no problems with Vista -64 running anything current. Only old 16 bit programs will not run.
  17. $245 for the hard drive? i assume that is a typo and you are well under budget. didn't aevm say $55? so in that case you are at $843? and at $843 you have a great system or you could consider additional 4850 or going a little over budget with a 4870?
  18. All nice, except the RAM. Definitely get something that will operate at the JEDEC default of 1.8v, like this Mushkin:
    It is $68 after MIR, but out of stock, ETA 8/25. If you need something sooner, then this OCZ for $73 after MIR may be good:
  19. bdollar said:
    $245 for the hard drive? i assume that is a typo and you are well under budget. didn't aevm say $55? so in that case you are at $843? and at $843 you have a great system or you could consider additional 4850 or going a little over budget with a 4870?

    It's $245 for the combo CPU+HDD, $190+$55
  20. wow i need to slow down. :) :)
  21. lol

    jtt. can u explain why? (and those links dont point to the product they point to searches) ;)
  22. build is looking great!

    it is basically apples to apples on ram that way. sometimes companies will adjust the timings by messing with the voltage to make their ram appear to have lower cl. so you really aren't getting a faster cl. so if you make sure to get it at 1.8v then you know what you are getting and can oc it if you want.
  23. ok. well.. even crappy ram will work better than whats in my current pc :) lol
  24. its not that it is crappy. OCZ makes good ram. it is more knowing what you are getting. that ram you chose is cl4 at 2.1 volts. which probably means it is cl5 at 1.8 volts. the point is you would have to change it to find out. so basically they oc'd it for you already. by getting 1.8 volts to start you know what you are getting. but it isn't a must. does that make sense?
  25. Hmmm, bizarre. It is doing that for me too, yet I can get to the products.
    I won't repost links that may again not work; just look for memory that is DDR2-800, 4GB (2x2GB), and 1.8V.
    bdollar has part of the answer; you'll get an apples to apples comparison. A higher voltage that you apply manually may then let you adjust to a higher speed and/or tighter timings, BUT, if your BIOS is ever reset, you won't need to play games just to get your RAM working and/or stable; it WILL work at 1.8V, and be stable, at its advertised timings (possibly looser than the ones you set). If your RAM requires 2.1V out of the package to work at DDR2-800 speeds, who knows how or if it will work at 1.8V, or how stable it will be.
  26. There are [cheap] PSUs out there that advertise their specs, which are not consistent with the current ATX 2.x spec, for example saying they may allow 200mv noise and ripple, when the standard might be 120mv. As the more astute PSU reviewers will say, advertising that you don't meet the spec doesn't make it okay.
    RAM manufacturers need to take a similar hint. Advertising that your RAM runs at 2.1V (or even higher) doesn't make it ok that it won't work reliably at the JEDEC standard 1.8V, or won't operate at its claimed timings at that voltage.
  27. ok. makes sense :) thanks for the explanation!
  28. best of luck on this build. there are some very good deals there. i think it is going to be a very nice system.
  29. thanks

    ok, now to get "final" approval from the wife... :)
    i make the money, she controls where its spent.......sigh
  30. i assume an explanation of the new frame rates your going to get in games won't help?? :) :) kidding :) :)
  31. lmao... yeah..

    "but sweety... i'll get like 150 fps in cod4!"
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