Have to be on network to logon to laptop

I'm not quite sure how to ask my question, but here goes.

The company I work for has a laptop which we use for offsite work occasionally. Windows XP Pro is the OS. In our office we have a server running Windows server2003 and Active directory.
Any of us can log onto the laptop with our username and password. We have the option of logging into the domain or the local machine. However, the laptop is set up so that logon fails if: a)3 or more attempts are unsuccessful or b)the laptop was not logged into and then back out of the server before shutting down. Somehow, one of these things did not happen and now we're locked out. I tried repairing the Windows installation and then (using a backdoor method) resetting the password, but it still is not working. I've not even attempted to log onto the server yet, just trying to get into the laptop itself. I don't know if this is something that can be resolved in the server or if it is a local issue.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions?
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  1. have you tried the local Admin account?

    Or have you tried Save Mode?
  2. Yes, tried both. I get the same logon screen regardless of what I do. And then a message saying that the user, password or domain is incorrect.
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