help my pc keeps hanging

hello people,,
i am new here and would like some help if possible

I have recently installed a geforce 7200gs card,, needed dual head to run 2 screens for work.
I dont use it for games or watch films on it.
maybe coincidence but since i have installed this it just keeps freezing, totally randomly ( just used onboard graphics before)
I have ( and have paid someone) to check memory, cpu, temperature etc and still no good. Person I paid said that card was running too hot at 79, but on card info it says that 130 is max and that 79 should be ok. what do you think
When it happens it is totally random, never doing the same things, have checked that.
when it does i cant turn off using the power swith i have to turn off at powersupply,, then when i reboot about 50% of the time it hangs before windows will load
I work online a lot and this is driving me nuts.
I have 3gb chip 1gb ram, 160 hd, xppro

I have unisnstalled and re-installed graphics card but no use,,

anyone have any ideas


Jo (PS, im a girlie not a techie so if anyone do have an idea can i have it in not so hi-techy talk)
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  1. With it randomly hanging up it sounds like a conflicting driver. Whoever worked on this for you should have checked to see if there were any newer updated drivers than what is installed.

    Thats the 1st thing I would check. If no avail then ask them to see what wattage power supply you are using and if its a good one. A bad power supply with too low of amperage will cause it to work incorrectly if you add new hardware that takes it over its performance capabilities.
  2. Hi

    I checked Gigabyte website for a driver update and couldnt find one,, any suggestions as to where else to look.
    As per the power supply I have a 550w, its the bees knees apparently


  3. I would think you have enough of a power supply to add that low wattage video card.

    Is your video card a Gigabyte brand card?
  4. This is the Nvidias website:

    Choose your model of video card (7 series) and operating system.

    You will need to uninstall your old driver software and reboot before you try to install the new driver.

    If your video card is a Gigabyte brand, this is one of the 3 or 4 cards it could be:

    You have to find on this link and select the model name in this format, GV-NX72G512E1 not 7200GS as you would think. Heres the link to choose your model. You will most likely need to remove your video card to see the label to get the exact model:
  5. hi thanks

    it is a gigabyte brand,, will give the drivers another go
    thank you
  6. Good luck with it and your welcome. :P
  7. Since your problems started with the vga card, the first thing you should do is update the vga drivers from the nvidia web site.

    To see if you have a cooling issue, take off the side cover of your case, and direct a house fan to cool the innards. If the problem goes away, or is reduced, you have some sort of a cooling problem.

    What brand and model 550w psu do you have?

    If you run fine without the graphics card, you might want to return it, since it is possibly defective.
  8. If the drivers for the exact model for your card on the Gigabyte site doesnt fix the problem then I would go to the Nvidia site and try that next. If that doesnt work then it could possibly be a faulty video card.

    A 7200GS takes little power compared to most newer cards so I would think your power supply should be fine unless its a bottom of the barrel brand.
  9. wow so much help,,, i am soo sooo grateful..

    I have a good make power supply,,, have downloaded drivers from nvidea,,, and so far so good,,

    fingers crossed it will be ok,,,,

    thank you all for your help :)

  10. Great to hear and your welcome. I hope it works out for you...
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