Tools to undelete index.dat files?

I was using Opera and doing some important research and had tons of links opened, and it suddenly crashed and i lost all the tabs and sessions i had saved previously. I also lost my histories as well, all the settings are reverted back to default, but all my bookmarks etc are still there, this never happened to me before but anyway i need to get those links back through the histories somehow, i can't remember what i had searched for but they're for a project and i need them as they were hard to find and took me ages of reading and browsing.

Please don't tell me to use Firefox either, i am already using it and i use the addon session manager, but right now i have this problem with Opera as i was using it instead, so i need help on this.

Anyway i already did some research and it seems if i can recover the file index.dat, i can use the freeware Super Winspy to read it, and it'll display all the links I had browsed earlier.

I already tested it with an example and it does work, but i need to recover the index.dat file that was deleted when the crash happened, is there any good programs that can do this? I've already tried Recuva, Easues Data Recovery PRO, R-Studio and none of them can find index.dat file, well one of them did but that wasn't the right one.....
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  2. i used complete recovery and Opera is installed to the default directory on C:/ drive. But that program doesn't undelete .dat files.
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