E5200 on P43 UD3L overclock trouble.

E5200 @ 2.90GHz 12X FSB 242
P43 UD3L
G.Skill 5-5-5-15 1066MHz Running @ 800Mhz 2.1v

At the moment I am trying to overclock this E5200 to 3.0GHz or higher so far I cannot get it to post no matter what the Vcore is set too but I can get it to post and windows at 2.90GHz at stock volts of 1.275 Can anyone help me on what I need to increase to up this baby's MHz past 2.90GHz
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  1. Well I guess I figured it out I'm sitting at 3.5GHz 1400MHz FSB 42c Prime 95 load temp at stock 1.275v :o so far passing 1 hour prime 95 no crashes all I did was change the RAM to MHz setting to I think it was 3.33 I'll have to check it later but it fixed the problem I was having and even got me over 3.5 going from 3.5 to 3.6 changes things though i upped the volts to 1.3v and it did not post so I dunno going to have to figure that out now.
  2. E5200 generally doesnt like high fsb(and yours is running at 350? Wow, must be a golden sample or something ;]) so up your multiplier and try it this way. 333x11 will give a nice 3.6+
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