What is a hybrid modular power supply? Please help!! :whistle:

I want to get a power supply that allows me the cleanest cable management for my money's worth...

the two options I am looking at are:

RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-630SS 630W ATX12V Modular LED Power Supply $49.98 after rebate

KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-600MA1S 600W ATX 12V Modular Power Supply $99.99 after rebate

So is the RAIDMAX HYBRID not really a true modular power supply? I read comments like "cheap version of modular" and "It's hybrid modular, meaning the 24 and 4 pin motherboard supply cables are not modular, you need them anyway", but I have no idea what that means. Help?

Would the KINGWIN Mach Modular power supply save me a noticable amount of space over the RAIDMAX HYBRID Modular supply through being able to remove more unneeded cables?

Thanks for your help! The RAIDMAX HYBRID rebate ends in a few days so your answers will help me decide if I should get that one or not! :)
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  1. First, a word about modular power supplies. To the best of my knowledge the 20+4 power cable and the second smaller power cable that connect to the motherboard are always permanently attached to the psu. Therefore, no modular power supply is truly 100% modular. At least I have never seen a 20+4 power cable that could be easily removed. Somewhere there may be such a psu but it would be very very unusual.

    Second, a word about your choices. You might want to reconsider. It's pretty much a situation of you get what you pay for. Neither Raidmax nor Kingwin are recommended. Here is a link to a tiered list of psu's where you'll see that Raidmax and Kingwin are in the tier 5, not recommended list:


    Try and select a psu in the tier 2 category.

    My personal recommendation is the Corsair HX 620 watt modular power supply. In fact, that's the model I have in my personal pc. I also build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. I use Corsair exclusively. The Corsair's are rock solid and very stable. Tom's Hardware just did a review of 700 watt psu's and Corsair as usual did very well. Shop around for the best price on line. Last week they were heavily discounted and on line vendors were throwing in free shipping. It's a pretty good bang for the buck.
  2. well it's better if the 24pin and 4/8 pins are NOT modular, because you absolutely need them, and if cables are not modular thats a little less resistance = slightly better performance.
  3. I have an OCZ PSU that is completely modular....
  4. hesskia,

    Newegg sells four OCZ psu's that are modular. All four of them have motherboard power cables that are permanently attached. The motherboard power cables are not modular. Do you have a different model?
  5. I can't get over the title, what were you saying?

    I'm no a fan of modular, but I know I'm in the minority.

    Johnny, I would hope the 24 pin is not modular, because how the He!! are you going to run the mobo without it? In that case, being modular would be kinda foolish wouldn't it?

    If you wanted to use it for other purposes, then you can certainly clip and insulate them, or go one step further and desolder them from the PSU.

    Now that I have jerked you around needlessly, let me say the rest of your post is spot on. Sorry, when I saw the 24 pin comment I had to say something. I know I'll be sorry later.

    It's all in fun :lol: no hard feelings.
  6. exactly my point. what's the point of having the 24pin modular if you absolutely must have it connected to run the damn thing! i mean fair enough for sata cables and pci e cables since chances are you aren't going to use them all, but for the base cables (the bare necessities if you like) it MUST be non modular imo
  7. What, you agree?

    I had to soften it.
  8. Kingwin is POS.
    Raidmax I have owned that brand, mine died and took my ram and cpu with it.
    Now I buy PCPower.
  9. Can I take your post and move it? No answer is acceptance. OK, I have acceptance. By the way, I never asked before, it was too late.


    As I have taken your post, understand all is well.

    And here is where it was sent.

    Core i7 dilemma
  10. Zorg,

    I was just wondering about hesskia's comment about having an OCZ psu that is totally modular. Never heard of it. Got curious as I don't know why someone would want a modular 24 pin ppower cable.
  11. JohnnyLucky said:

    I was just wondering about hesskia's comment about having an OCZ psu that is totally modular. Never heard of it. Got curious as I don't know why someone would want a modular 24 pin ppower cable.

    It's way easier to get everything back into the box when you RMA it...........
  12. Incase ya'll didn't believe me:


    OCZ Evostream OCZ720EVOSLI 720W PSU , completely modular, doesn't have the 20/4 pin permanently attached.
  13. Well that OCZ would be useful for something like this:

    (No need for 4 pin CPU, then again you won't use this kind of a PSU in a picoITX build any ways :P )
  14. hesskia - Thanks for the post and link. I must have searched incorrectly over at Newegg and missed it. My bad.

    Shadow703793 - Thanks for the photo and link. Geez! That thing is tiny.

    This is the 4th day in a row that I learned something new at THG.
  15. JohnnyLucky said:

    I was just wondering about hesskia's comment about having an OCZ psu that is totally modular. Never heard of it. Got curious as I don't know why someone would want a modular 24 pin ppower cable.
    Sorry I was otherwise fooling around.

    V3NOM, had it on the 3rd post. It's simply foolish. I obviously missed it. OOPS, I guess I'm toasted.

    And jitpublisher had a good answer for the reason why. :lol:
  16. Thank you for all your responses! I looked up the Corsair HX 620 and it does look very nice. It's just more pricey than the RAIDMAX HYBRID I gave in my first post (it is $120 compared to the cheap raidmax, which is $50). They both offer the same wattage and both got 5 eggs on newegg.

    How likely really is the RAIDMAX HYBRID to damage itself and other things? like would it most likely not cause damage? The price is tempting, but I don't want it to fry other components and end up costing exponentially more :(
  17. I replaced a RAIDMAX PSU with my OCZ PSU---Won't ever get a cheap PSU again.
  18. Get the HX620 it cost more for a reason. Seasonic built single rail PSU. It is what you want.
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