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I am currently building a system for a friend of mine. Graphics are not a big priority for him right now. I bought a Biostar NF61V mobo off ebay (haven't tested it yet, let's hope it works). It has integrated GeForce 6100, which is fine for him right now. I noticed, however, that the pci express x16 only operates at x1. I was thinking about selling him my 8600GT when I finally decide to upgrade, but just how much is that x1 link width going to hold it back? I actually have 8600GT's in both of my pc's, one running at x16 and the other at x8 and I can really see no noticeable difference. Just how bad is it going to be at x1? And what card would you folks recommend for the best performance at x1? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks a lot.
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  1. are you sure your refering to x16 slot, and not the much shorter, 1x slot?
  2. Yes, I'm sure that it is the x16 slot that operates at 1x. There is also a x1 slot, but thats definitely not the one I'm talking about.
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