IDE HDD reads 0 mb

Hey guys, I have an old WD IDE 80gb drive that was working fine for a long time and suddenly stopped working.
The hard disk turns on with no abnormal sounds coming from it. no clicks chatters, sounds 100% ok. Bios sees the drive as 0mb. windows xp doesn't see the drive at all. Windows 7 wont even boot if the drive is connected.

Any ideas? I really need to recovery the data on the drive, but would rather not pay 500-1000 dollars on a recovery solution. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. damn, nobody has any idea?
  2. Try WD Data Lifeguard for dos - it is here.
  3. maybe you should have to reformat your disk sir and try it again installing your xp or whatever
  4. If you want to recover data from it, DO NOT Format or Install anything!!

    treefrog07 said use the WD Data Lifegard free diagnostic utility package from WD's website. Do that for sure. My own preference is to download the version that has you burn your own copy of it to a CD-R. You then insert that into your optical drive and boot from it. It loads a mini-DOS into RAM and you run all its tests without ever using you regular OS, Windows.

    The test package is menu-based. Read its instructions and run its tests, noting down what it says for each. Sometimes you'll get messages that say it's hopeless, sometimes it will says it can fix the problem if you want it to. If you need to call WD Tech Support for help, having the diagnostic tests' messages written down will help a lot.
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