Cpu Fan???

Hey I was just curious as to what Cpu Fan I should get for my new computer.
The specs are
Gtx 280
Nvidia 780i
4gb corsair dominator
900w ocz ModXstream PSU

I was thinking about getting the Ultra Chilltec


But tiger direct being stupid raised the price by $67
not even two weeks ago it was up for $99 then it went to $140 then $120 and now $167??
Anyways my price range is anywhere up to $140 which is a lot for a cpu fan,
I was thinking about getting a cheap water cooling kit like the thermaltake one, but im not sure.
Anyone have any opinions as to what I can get?
I want to get something that can allow me to OC like a beast.
Thanks for the help! :)
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  1. The chill has a Thermal Resistance: 0.12-0.15(ºC/W) not bad and only $170

    Here is something to look at, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro has a Thermal Resistance: 0.17°C/Watt and only costs $27 at Newegg.


    The Xigmatek HDT-S1284EE and ACK-I7753 Retention Bracket For 4 heatpipes. It has a Thermal Resistance 0.14 ℃/W in the same range as the Chill thing for only $54.

    To OC like a beast you will need a phase change cooler, much more expensive than any of the above.
  2. A phase change cooler?
    Well I read that a few people said that they could hit 3.4 - 3.8 ghz with a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme


    I found it on another site for $75 which is pretty good.
    And you can add 2 120mm fans on to it aswell.

    I'm really stumped when it comes to what fan to buy, I'd like one that will overclock just as well as the chilltec Ultra but hopefully around $140 as a price range, the cheaper the better.
  3. Also what about the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120?
    That Cpu fan looks really good and its only $43
  4. A case I buy for looks and function, a HSF I buy for function, not looks.
  5. Yeah I could see what you mean by that,
    I'd buy for function first off but I also take looks into consideration since my case has a window and everything in it glows and shines nicely, I take pride in my cable management and view of the case.
    But what would You say would be best off for me to get?
    I'm so far thinking of just getting the thermalright ultra with a scythe and hopefully if I can find a nice 120mm Led fan with it aswell.
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