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I have my Q9550 oc'd to 3.6Ghz on a Nvidia 750i mobo. It is completely stable (2 hours Prime95, Large FFT's, Intel Burntest, 4 hours gaming and not a single problem), the max temp is about 52c on all 4 cores. I can run it all day and restart numerous times without a problem, but then i shutdown and it will not post when i turn it back on. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?

MSi P7N SLI Platinum
Crucial Ballistics DDR2 800mhz
Evga 275GTX oc edition
Corsair 750watt PSU
Zalman 9700 cooler

3.6 OC bios setting
Vcore 1.30v
Fsb 1696mhz
mem 2.10v
nb, sb and fsb have been bumped up but can't remember the exact voltage
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  1. I think i found my problem. I had the FSB and Mem linked in the bios setting. I unlinked them and set both manually, seems to be working great now.
  2. Well so much for that. Shut my computer down for the night and the next day it would not post. So ya, any suggestions?
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