Q: How to make external HD w usb & power source to an Ethernet router?

Okay so I have a router with only ethernet ports and I have an external seagate 1TB hdd with its own power source but only two ports , one for usb and one for power. I'm hoping i can just connect it to a USB > Ethernet adapter and then to the router and then poof! its online! but i dont know if thats how it works...actually im pretty sure it doesnt.

Anyway, the harddrive has its own powersource so i think it'll be safe to put the USB>Ethernet adapter without killing its power but im not sure it'll work. the HDD is ONLY usb , but i just got it so i can just return it if i cant turn it into an NAS but i would have to sacrifice half the storage for the same price so im really hoping someone might be able to help me get this to work.

Thanks guys, i love the forums btw! :DD


PS> I know some ppl might be asking me why would i bother buying a non-NAS storage device but honestly this NAS need JUST came up a few days ago unexpectantly so im trying to weigh my options. Thanks guys again. :DDD

*THIS IS WHERE I GOT MY EXTERNAL HDD: http://www.buy.com/prod/seagate-freeagent-desktop-1tb-usb-2-0-external-hard-drive/q/loc/101/208921062.html
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  1. Won't work, you have to have some way to assign a drive letter or share name.
  2. Hi there...

    just within the last few weeks I saw out of the corner of my eye a gadget for sale that creates an interface between your USB HDD enclosure and your router/hub/switch for ultra cheap NAS.

    It is out there right now, somewhere!

    Sorry I can't tell you where I saw it though...

    Good luck ;)
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