Small boys room need ideas on storage computer console stereo etc

My nephew is 9yrs old on valentines day and i said i'd give his bedroom a makeover. The thing is it's a very tiny room. I need practical and interseting storage ideas, it will mainly be for storing his games console, tv and dvd player, computer games cd's and stereo system. I need to do it on a small budget also...i appreciate any ideas you've got..... thankyou kindlyxxx
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  1. Do you have any carpentry skills? Otherwise I'm not so sure a small budget is going to work out and not be some type of garage/closet type storage solution.
  2. Shelves? You can buy $14 shelves at Ikea and just put them up. They also have those cool box shaped shelves you could just assemble...

    Either way--my recommendation is that you wander through the nearest Ikea--and something will come to you. I promise.
  3. thankyou i'll give it a go. :@)
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