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How well are everyone's 4870s overclocking? I just got mine from the egg today, and I'm pretty impressed. I had to increase the idle fan speed, as it was idling ~71c, but it's hardly noticeable @35%, and dropped the idle temp to 44c.

I've tried out both catalyst 8.8 and 8.9 on it so far; 8.9 seems like quite an improvement. I used catalyst to OC it to 790mhz gpu and 1100mhz memory, and put it through the paces. With the fan turned up abit, the temps still aren't breaking 60c. Is there another program that will let me push it a little farther? Rivatuner doesn't recognize it, and I've used Nvidia cards for a while before this. I'd like to see how far I can push a single card. The egg had them for $195 last week; I would've bought two, but it would have meant a new psu.

Anyway, any thoughts?
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  1. I don't overclock mine I'm happy with there performance as they are. Idle Temp is 38c & 41c and it never climbs above 49c & 52c under load and fan speed is 0, oh thats right no fans at all here. LOL
  2. that amd gpu tool is a piece of crap. sure, it lets you increase the clocks, but screws up you're fan profiles.
  3. Gainward Epertool plus the AMD overclock tool will let you get up to core frying clocks with fan control. I can't get it to work on XP-64 however. Don't use rivatuner. It is buggy for the 4800 series.


    Mine is stable at 835/1100 with stock cooling...haven't pushed the memory...don't want to fry it.
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