15:14 ram ratio, fsb/dram

i was wondering how to get my ram to run at 1:1? that is the best for ram right? is cpu-z showing me 15:14 ratio because my cpu fsb is 1708? would putting it at 1600 fsb make the ratio 1:1 as its ddr2 dual channel ram @ 800MHz?
thanks for any help/info, because i dont really know about dram ratio. my ram is OCZ SLI DDR2 Dual Channel ram @ 800 MHz with 5-4-4-15 timings.

EDIT: i found out how, i take the cpu fsb (427) and multiply by 2 (854). went to bios changed memory to run at 854 and it posted right back up and cpu-z shows 1:1
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  1. lol at first I thought your ram was actually going 1600 :P

    There you go, fsb x 4 = quad pumped cpu, fsb x 2 = ram. You just have to adjust it properly.
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