My Q6600 Running too hot?? :(

Hey, Does anyone know why 2 cores are running significantly hotter than the other? at 3.6ghz coretemp registers Core 0 and core 3 at like 12-20 C hotter than core 1 and 2,

For instance when running Prime95 , Core 0 and core 3 temps would be 93 and 91 whereas core 1 and core 2 would be around 80 and 79.
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  1. Your Q6600 should never go above 75 degrees celcius. Even 70 average is quite hot. Generally you want to stay below a 65 degree average.

    At your temps, you're going to degrade or fry your CPU pretty quickly.
  2. hmm ive been running this for ages now... probs like a year lol.... the only reason why the temps caught my attention is due to the wide gap between diff cores.

    Oh well can u recommend a good cooler for me ? Im using the stock intel cooler with some zM-stg1 grease.
  3. Ok, im running stock speeds now, And my idle temps are 50 46 46 50. is that normal???? Its kinda hot here in australia.

    BTW im on G0 stepping
  4. Your idle temps are high, but depending depending on the room temp, that might be normal. Don't you have air conditionning in Australia?
  5. I have mine running @ 3.2 below 30 C and prime 95 load maxing out at 59. and there is diiference in temps between cores.
  6. Make sure you don't have too many kangaroos in front or behind your case blocking airflow.

    Heatsink Recommendations:
    - cheap price, but great price to performance
    - if you are on a budget, get this one
    - slightly better performance then above one, but much quieter too
    - more expersive
    - best performance of bunch, quietest when you add a quiet fan
    - need to add 120mm fan of your chose
    - most expensive when you add a fan into the equation
  7. ngjunho said:
    Oh well can u recommend a good cooler for me ? Im using the stock intel cooler with some zM-stg1 grease.

    here's one of the best cooler that other ppl would also recommend on toms

    Xigmatek S1283 21.99$

    you're in luck! this item has a rebate atm! :D

    Retention Bracket 6.99$

    the xiggy is a push pin cooler, which is not the best type of holding in a cooler, but that's why you get the retention bracket, it's the back plate that holds in from the back of the mobo to give it a really good solid hold on the CPU. you should see much better temps than the stock cooler.
  8. Its to hot, reaeat it.
  9. Ive reseated it many many times. :( hmm maybe i need better ventilation in my case, im running a 8800gtx with a hr03 plus and a 120mm fan and 6 hdds. that might be the problem..btw does the fan at the back of the case need to be blowing in or out?
  10. Probably out :whistles:
  11. I am not sure which motherboard you have, buy my 6600 runs miles cooler. A few months ago mine was running reallly hot...or so I thought, until I noticed there was a BIOS issue reporting the wrong temps, I flashed my system and hey presto, all the temps dropped. My board is the ASUS Black Pearl.

    Mine is running at 3.0GHz with no temp problems.
  12. yeah Its blowing out :)

    umm Gigabyte X38-DQ6

    BTW can someone recommend a good cooler that isnt a large tower. I dont think theyd fit in my case. I tried the Thermaltake Ultra 120. but it wouldnt fit

    EDIT: Just changed back to stock 2.4ghz ,
    load89 87 71 77, idle 51 47 47 49
    Whats with the massive difference in temp btween core 0 and core 2??Is that normal? i mean a i wouldnt be shocked if it was 1-6c difference but thats a 17c diff!
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