Need help with BIOS for overclocking.

Well I want to overclock my CPU and my BIOS doesn't have the advanced chipset features. can anyone help me?

my motherboard is

Gigabyte m61pme-s2

sorry if wrong section
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    Try pressing ctrl+f1 while in bios, that sometimes unlocks the advanced features. If it doesnt work you can try the Gigabyte OC software.
  2. ok i tried that and nothing happend and i also tried to use several different softwares to overclock but on everyone of them the overclocking option was not highlighted.

    when i hit delete to get to my bios says CMOS setup utility.

    also i updated sucessfully the BIOS with the gigabyte updater..
  3. thanks MadMagik i tried it again and it worked

    i went from 2.61ghz to 2.85ghz..everything looks stable...

    i do want to get it a little higher though..i will keep trying..

    thanks for the help
  4. Youre welcome, enjoy your OC. Just make sure you know what youre doing so you dont accidentaly damage your PC.
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