Upgrading a 20gig hard drive in a dell dimension 8200. doesnt recogniz

upgrading a 20gig hard drive in a dell dimension 8200. when i boot up it says diskette 0 error...and it gives me the option of f1 to reboot or f2 to go to bios settings
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  1. Did you re-install the OS?
    Is the drive recognised in the BIOS?
    Did you configure the drive jumpers? (assuming it was a PATA!)
  2. thanks for the reply MrLinux...unfortunately I don't have the OS disc....yes the drive is recognized in the bios...and I tried every configuration with the jumpers. I am thinking since the upgrade hard drive is 160 gigs, it is too much of an upgrade from 20. this computer was given to my father and he wanted to upgrade right away or get rid of quickly since he has limited space! so to craigslist it goes! He didn't want to even mess with anymore...
    I thank you for your time!
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