First time overclocker-need help to overclock my 9800gt 512mb

Hi guys,...first time overclocker-never overclocked before,need help to overclock my 9800gt 512mb SAFELY just improve its performance slightly,

My specs are core 2 duo e7500 2.93,4gb ddr3 800 kingston ram,9800gt 512mb, 500gb hdd and gigabyte non integrated motherboard and psu 550w.

Plz make clear description on how and what tools to use and to what extents it is ''safe'' or stable to use for several hours of non stop gameplay,
I just need to improve my performance in crysis at 1440*900 at a mix of high to v.high settings with AA set to 2x,the game play is not as smooth as i would expect it to be and thats why i'm thinking of oc the card!
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  1. Overclocking your GPU may not help. If you OC 10% and you are getting 30fps, that's only going to net you 33fps. My best advice is to try a couple different drivers. The one's that I have the best luck with are 177.79 and 190.62
    If you decide to change drivers, be sure and monitor temps. There where 2 drivers I tried where the fan wasn't spinning (180.24 and 180.48)

    If you want to try your hand at OCing your GPU I recommend Riva Tuner or EVGA Precision Tool.
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