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Hi all...

I was browsing the new Core i7 motherboards at when I came across the Asus Rampage II Extreme (click here). The compatible memory specification is listed as DDR3 1066, DDR3 1333, DDR3 1600(OC) and DDR3 1800(OC).

I would like to know why the last two memory types have what appears to be overclocking notifications. I have seen this on a few new motherboards but I don't know what it means. If I was crazy enough to buy this motherboard (which I am), would DDR3 1800 memory work as standard or is extra configuration required?

Thank you for any help.
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  1. Simply, DDR3 will run (MB supported) at 1600 or 1800 MHz. if you OC the RAM to those speeds.
  2. Bleh! I wanted to use DDR3 1800 MHz memory without the need to OC.

    Thank you for the info.
  3. So purchasing something like

    Mushkin XP3-14400 DDR3-1800MHz 2GB (2x1GB) XP Series Cas 8-8-7-20 (1.9-1.95V) 240pins (996602)

    will be fine for this motherboard?
  4. I don't think so, no.

    From what badge explained, the fastest memory you could use natively would be DDR3 1333MHz RAM. You would have to overclock it to 1800MHz if you wanted it to be that fast, if I'm correct.
  5. Memory is backward compatible. You can buy DDR3 1600/1800 MHz. RAM and it will work in the MB. But, you would have to set the speed to it's 'rated' or guaranteed speed from the Mfg. The MB BIOS will default the speed to JEDEC standards (less than 1600/1800 MHz.) If you buy memory rated at 1800MHz., you would have to manually set it to that speed. But, the 1800MHz. memory is compatible with the MB because 'memory is backwards compatible'.
  6. This MB is expensive enough, what the hell do you need to buy to run the 1800 MHz RAM at 1800 MHz? Server board??

    How do you manually set the speed of the RAM?
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