Need a cheap-ish NAS min. 3 TB

i want a NAS drive so my music, videoes, programs and other stuff is accessible to all the PC's in the house.. preferably something that's easy to setup and use.. minimum 3 TB.. low power usage..

is that possible?
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  1. Uh... Sure if you like spending $200-300 just for the device. Personally I'd just get the crappiest old PC you can, buy two 1.5 terabyte hard drives. Then install FreeNAS (google it).
    It's pretty cheap to set this up and use. It would be best to install to a flash drive or something like that so that it shouldn't crash.
  2. FreeNAS ftw. But dont plan on using old hardware if u want to use ZFS. I'd use 3+ drive in a RAID 5 setup instead of 2 in a RAID 0.
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