New build blue screen problem

Just need a little help. I built a new computer and I keep getting blue screen errrors

I often get blue screen problem (page fault in non-paged area)

here is a copy of the error in vista and the minidump at the bottom

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: a
BCP1: 0000000000001200
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000001
BCP4: FFFFF80001C598F9
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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E8400 oc to 3.6
2GBx4 ram gskill 1066 DDR2 (i have it at 800 though to keep 1:1 timings :P)
260 GTX nvidia xfx
Asus Rampage Formula Motherboard
Seagate 650watt power supply
80 GB hard drive/160GB/500GB sata 3.0
x-fi platinum fatality edition

edit: seems to be USBPORT.sys
in my usb ports im using a logitech g15 and a intellimouse 3.0
I also already upgraded my BIOS. It was weird i first got the error when i was first logging in to vista (just installed it)
I installed windows xp (i did fast ntfs though) then installed my upgrade to vista home 64bit right away i didnt log in into XP and when I first got into the login screen (in vista) i type in username and got this bluescreen error, so i got it even before i got into my computer =_=.

also i forgot to mention that whenever i open a 3D Game , the game just crashes with that window crash error msg :/
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  1. Could be your o/c that may be unstable. Have you run stability test? Like:

    Roll back to bios default and see if you encounter the same symptom.
  2. i would try but i tried reformatting my computer and now i can't get pass the windows boot screen, I keep getting blue screen and restarts. I am thinking its my ram so im getting new ones. I will try one stick and reseting my bios if that helps for now.

    Can you give me a list of programs that can check if my o/c is stable for vista 64bit?

    also will that memtest work for vista 64bit if i burn it to a CD or something?

    how does that work ;x.
  3. Memtest runs on dos... the cd is bootable and will start memtest automaticaly. The tests can take some time but it will do the job for finding memory errors.

    In Windows Vista x64 you can use prime95 then select torture test... be sure to have good ventilation in your case prior of running it ! if you have errors in either apps try lowering your o/c.
  4. ok ok so boot from cd with memtest ok :).

    and i have antec twelve hundred w/ the extra side fan and a zalman 9700cnps cooler looks nice with all the blue colors (i also added 2 blue cold cathode lights^^). I will try prime95 and the memtest thanks! ^_^
  5. bah, cant get inside windows now. While reformating i get blue screen

    keeps happening while reformatting so i can't ever complete installing XP/Vista.

    I'm guessing its either my motherboard or memory? i will try the memtest. I hope its the memory problem, i hate replacing the motherboard xD
  6. Load bios defaults.
  7. shoot forgot to do that xD

    ok ill get on to it :)
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