Performance / lockup issue, need help diagnosing

Hey guys

within the last few days my pc's performance has dropped significantly, i'm talking delays on typing, frame rate dlelays and jumps when viewing videos etc etc all stuff it never did up untill a few days ago.

On top of that and likely related to the cause is every so often it will lockup completely. I retain control of the mouse on the screen but everything else freezes, keyboard freezes, no control over any programs or the desktop, clicking on stuff does nothing, it is jsut locked up and will only fix itself after a forced restart.

Any idea what could be causing this? is it harddrive related or another component? Hate it when these sort of things happen and i've no clue which part is causing it (i've got bad hardware knowledge as it is) any help will be appreciated

thanks in advance.
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  1. Try checking if the temperature of your components is still within acceptable levels. Slowing down or lock-ups is a symptom of overheating. Use apps like RealTemp and the like.
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