Usage of OS/Application HDD vs Storage HDD

I am getting ready to build a new system. I am trying to deside how large of a drive I need for my OS. I am going to be running windows 7 professional and need to chose between the WD VelociRaptor 150gb or 300gb. My current system I have an old WD Raptor 36gb that I only run windows on and nothing else. I was told when I built it I only need the OS on this drive. But from things I have read here I am seeing folks have other applications running on their OS drive. Here are my questions:

1. how large of a partition should I make on my OS drive for windows 7?
2. What types of applications should be ran on the 2nd partition? The PC will be used for gaming, photography, and video mainly, along with business apps like Office and Adobe, etc...
3. should games be put on the application partition or should they remain and be played from the storage drive?

Thanks in advance for your unput.
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  1. bump. anyone out there with an answer?
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