How does one change text of filename in windows XP Pro

How do I change the Text color of the filename on the desktop of Windows XP Pro?

Somehow (?????) Filename Text an Filename background are the same color and change together when the background color is changed. I change the background color using Start > Control Panel > Color to change color, which changes background AND text color. Text is there, cannot read because it is same color as background. Icons select, work fine. HELP !!!!!
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  1. It is in your display properties under appearance.
  2. Thanks for the information. I will check it out...

    I used DeskColor program. This program changed both Text color and Background color.
    There is another problem that I have.

    I can not get background color to be transparent. I use white text characters and light blue background color. Do you know how to get transparent background color?

    accolite said:
    It is in your display properties under appearance.
  3. Yeah, you have to leave it on the blank. I know it sounds crazy but on the pull down there should be a selection with nothing on it select that and it will work.
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