External Hard drives work on the fly?

Do External Hard drives work with a simple drag, drop, click and play?

For example if I transfer a movie over from my computer to the external hard drive can I simply click the movie to play? Do you have to move files off of an external hard drive (placing them on your internal hard drive) before being able to play them? The external hard drive would be connected to the computer.

Would it be like loading a game every time I try to watch a HD movie off of the external hard drive?

Any recommendations on at least 1tb, around $100 external hard drive for sale?
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  1. You should be able to watch a movie off an external hard drive just fine - you don't need extremely high data rates just to watch a movie.
  2. In terms of using Windows Explorer to navigate around folders and start programs, external hard drives will work exactly the same way as internal ones do. The biggest difference is that instead of starting in "My Documents", you would typically start with "My Computer" and click on the external drive icon in order to burrow down into the folders you want.

    External 1TB hard drives are pretty common and priced about what you're looking for. I think any of the major brands would work just fine.
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