ASUS M3A78 and AMD 64 X2 6000 89w - bios 0602?

Hello, I have just purchased (waiting for the shipment to arrive) the following:

- AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1GHz, the 89w / 65nm processor.
- ASUS M3A78 AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX motherboard.

After ordering, I read a few reports of people having difficulties getting these to work together (as in it won't boot at all).

I checked the CPU Support section of the ASUS Support site, and found that this processor will work with the motherboard, if the BIOS is 0602 or higher.

So, my question is this: is it possible for the motherboard to be shipped with the 0602 BIOS, or later? In other words, when new shipments of the motherboard go out, do they ship the newer ones with the newer BIOS? The current BIOS for this motherboard appears to be 0804.

I won't have any way of getting this to boot once it arrives, if it's not on at least the 0602 BIOS.

- Has anyone gotten this motherboard with 0602 BIOS or later, out of the box?
- Are later shipments of this motherboard coming with at least 0602 BIOS, or is it at least common for a motherboard manufacturer to have the newer BIOS revisions on their later shipments of a given motherboard?

If anyone has any idea... thanks!
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  1. More than likely it will come with the 0401 bios, being that it is the initial release bios with that board. The EEPROM chip was probably put on before the 0602 release date 10-09-08 (I see the 0501 was releasted on the same day). If you can get it to post, you may be able to flash the bios with a 3.5 floppy disk in the DOS promp using the AFUDOS program.
  2. I am having the same configuration you have and there is no problems.
    Just to have updated configuration, i updated the BIOS to the latest one; Jan22, 2009 dated BIOS;

    I HAD a problem though: system wont boot with USB devices connected to it; after BIOS update this problem was solved
  3. you should have no problems just installed mine yesterday my old asus board quiet after 5 years so this is the replacement running very well just a bit on the warm side but the bios were updated off the asus web site never gave me any problems yet amd 64 x2 processor 4 gigs of memory but the stock fan is not doin to good if it could run a litter faster this is the only problem you might have good luck pete
  4. I have the exact same board and CPU, and was actually surprised someone else did. I have a 450 power supply in mine. The power supply should not be faulty.

    Mine does the same thing as well. Everything is plugged in, and before I press the power button, the green standby light on the motherboard lights up. As soon as I press the button, the motherboard powers up for a half a second, then doesn't do anything else. (The fans on the CPU, graphics card, and chassis kick on real quick then stop).

    I've tried everything. I've read that the CPU might heat up way too fast (hard to believe in that split second of power). But the stock heatsink definetly should absorb whatever heat because I have it thermal pasted and securly clamped.

    I also read it may be a faulty power supply, but the power supply, like I said, is stock and has maybe only been used once.

    If you received your board and CPU by now, whats your power supply and did you get yours to boot up?

    Any input from anyone would be great. I've waited almost 2 weeks to start this baby up.
  5. Disregard my last message. Turns out everything was OK when it came to the PSU, CPU, and mobo.

    I took the mobo out and layed it on a slab of cardboard that was inside the mobo's box, and underneath that the plastic static-proof bag. Hooked it up to the PSU and it started great. So that tells me that for some reason it's shorting inside the case.

    I'm not sure how to fix this..
  6. I received mine with the 0602 bios. Installed a amd 6000+ cpu, 4 gb of ram with 2 320 gb hd's.
    all works fine. I did upload bios 0703 still working fine.
    No complaints at all. Running xp pro 64 bit.
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