My passport elite 500gb (old) compatibility with window 7

Hi guys

I just bought My Passport Elite 500gb (titanum colour).

Model no. is WD5000ML-00 or WDML5000TA (not sure which one is the proper model name).,2272-6.html?xtmc=western_digital_my_passport&xtcr=1

(The box exactly looks like the 3rd pic)

There were also other "same" my passport elite 500gb products (with a different box) but it costed more than the one I bought.

I think the one I bought was for the stock clear-out sale.

After I bought it I found out (from the information at the back of the box)

it's compatible with Window 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS x10.4.10+, 10.5.2+

Some says if it's compatible with Window Vista, then it is also compatible with Window 7 as well.

Could anyone give me good experienced opinions on it?

Thanks guys.
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  1. I wouldn't see why not. The external drive I currently use is a Passport (though a newer version) and it works nicely with Windows 7.
  2. Same here. I haven't encountered a problem with external HD compatibility with USB yet.
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