Can I update GPU but not RAM/CPU/Mobo?

My PC is running strong since 1999

P4 2.0GhZ (I need to overclock this, can someone send me a link on how to)
Nvidia Geforce MX (prob not even worth $10 anymore, I know)
300GB HDD's

I am totally totally old-fashioned - I will only buy an upgrade when my current hardware wont even boot up

Keeping that in mind, I really do want to update my graphics card for HD-capability. Question; Will a HD-graphics card stream HD movies or play decent games on my CPU and RAM setup, or will I have to dish out the cash for an entire new PSU/CPU/Mobo/RAM/case/fan/hdd's

How do you know? I don't believe in 'minimum requirements' of some ridiculous $2,500 setup.
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  1. I very much doubt that you could run HD properly on your rig due to the P4,(guess it depends on how well it overclocks). Your best chance would be to find an ATI card, im guessing its going to need to be AGP so probably a 3650 would be your best shot, last i heard they(ATI cards) were best at offloading the CPU load, im also guessing your PSU isnt up to much if it came with a system that is 1999 vintage :) so find one that dosent need extra power which will probably be a GDDR2 version but if you can find a GDDR3 card that dosent need power then get that for preferance.
    You really are on the minimum requirements for that kind of thing (HD movies) but games wise it should be ok.

  2. Quote:
    Can I update GPU but not RAM/CPU/Mobo?

    Yes you can although I would not.
    I have heard the same about ATI offloading more from the CPU with Hd.
    If you want to go down this route, I would suggest one of These ATI GPU's.
    It may be able to play Hd content but it will not be very good with newer games (due to your old CPU).

    I think it would be much smarter to spend your $ on a full low budget upgrade.
    You can get a 780G Mb (with an integrated 3200 GPU), an A64 X2 BE-2400, 2Gb of DDR2 800 and a New PSU for $161.96 after MIR's. Your current case, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, ext. will work just fine.
    This option will cost about twice as much but it will give you a much more powerful system with a little room to grow with.
  3. Um yeah with your current setup upgrading your video card would be almost pointless since youll have many bottle necks. outlw6669 is your best advice unless you want to buy a highly upgradable mobo and fit it with some lower quality componants with alot of ehadroom for the future. but if you upgrade only once every 10 years even that wouldnt make much sense. just do what he said and buy a low-mid rang computer. At least if there is a bottle neck there you can upgrade it for vary little relativly.
  4. Ditto with Outlw6669 and EnFoRceR22.

    I've been known to ride them until they burst into flame myself, but you've passed the point of inexpensive upgrades for the componnents...and what you want to do is beyond what the base machine can handle. Based on that you're better off putting something together and moving on.
  5. Do yourself favor and don't spend a dime on an AGP card. It's time to upgrade and keep the old one as a backup machine.

    Here is a solid system, that anyone can be proud of, that I just built on the cheap, or what I consider the cheap. It will play any game out there, not necessarily on high, but if you want more you can buy a better graphics card.

    Antec 300 Case $59.99
    Antec 761345-75093-6 92mm Case Fan $9.99
    GA-EP45-DS3L $99.99
    Q6600 G0 $189.99
    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 $66.99
    Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS $79.99
    SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD Burner $27.99
    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283$36.99
    XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket $6.99
    PC Power & Cooling S61EPS 610W $89.99 after $20.00 MIR

    Get the video card of your choice. I recommend an HD4850.

    Total price, net of video card and tax/shipping $670

    An HD4850 video card would be at or about $200.00, more or less. You can go cheaper and upgrade later if you want.

    Total net of Tax and shipping $870.00.

    Why spend $150-$200 on an outdated card that will be bottlenecked on your POS system anyway. Put that money into a new solid quad core system that will carry you another nine (NINE? Did I just say that?) years.

    The one I just built gave the the same "FREE" OC to 3.0G as they all will. I just locked the PCIe to 100Mhz and set the RAM to 2.4 (2 if you wish) and raised the FSB to 333. No voltage changes needed.

    Don't forget to turn off CIA2.
  6. I posted in mind of what you said regarding running something to death but what outlw6669 has suggested is probably no definatly the best way to go as far as value for money goes, Do it that way and you will have a rig that will see you years into the future, considering you like to hold on as long as possable before a complete upgrade you will have plenty of upgrading options.

    mactronix :)
  7. Yeah, if you are on a tight budget then outlaw6669's will do, but it is no match for the system I posted, not even close. That is assuming you have the cash.
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