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Hello good people of TH!
I'm having a major problem...
I just built my new system about a month ago and its been running great since.
I come home on Sunday to find that it won't turn on.

I press the power button, everything comes to life for about 2-3 seconds then powers down. About 2 seconds later it powers back up again and stays running, but nothing is being output to the graphic cards.

Sounds like the CPU overheat protection might be kicking in and shutting down, but then why would it turn itself back on? It also might be the PSU, but it's fans are running and I am getting juice..

Specs are as follows:
Asus P5Q3 Deluxe
Intel Q9550 Quad Core 2.83GHz
2 x 2GB OCZ Heatsinked DDR3 PC10666
1TB Samsung Sata HD
Radeon 4870X2 (i.e. the 2 x 4870's in one card)
Xilence 750W Modular PSU

Soo, I really hope the chip isn't fried, if it is, will it be covered by warranty, it's not been o/c'ed, heatsink is installed correctly, all 4 legs clicked in nice and tight...
750W should be enough, and its been running it all nicely for about a month..?
Please help me out guys its sooo frustrating.. :sweat:
Appreciated ;)
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  1. Sounds like it might be a power issue. Do you have a different graphics card to test with?
  2. Yeah I should have mentioned sorry, I tested it with a X1050 i think its called, which doesn't need much power at all and still the same symptoms.
    Anything else you could think of?
  3. Sorry for the shameless bump, but I really don't know what next step to take... :(
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