View available wireless networks window???

Have tried numerous fixes but here is the problem:

Have laptop conected to home wirless network, working fine with full signal strength. EVERY aspect of what normally works is OK. Every time I click onto the 'View available wirless networks' icon either from the tray on the desktop OR through the network connection page (icon) or anywhere else the usual list of available networks wont open.Have checked the driver is OK, and most if not all other config options. Thinking it may be a windows xp problem, but before I re-install the whole thing can anyone shed some light please?

ANY susggestions appreciated.
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  1. rohanski,

    I seriously hope there's a response to your thread, as I'm now experiencing the same situation. I'm connected through a wireless connection and have access to the Internet, but when I query my system for "available networks," I can't see a single one -- including the one in operation. I have recently recovered from a particularly vile piece of malware that masquerades as an anti-virus program ("Personal A/V"), and I'm suspicious that it's left a bot or two behind to hinder connection to the Web. I've run "Malwarebytes"in SafeMode to identify and (I thought) rid myself of the virus -- which nailed about 12 different instances, but the inability to identify available networks is suspiciously similar to the symptoms that I experienced before running the Malwarebytes program. Has anyone out there got anything in this area?

  2. I have the same problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite 2430 with XP.

    All checks out as being ok - the PCI card working fine. Zero Config started. The switch is on the side of laptop.

    I go to connect to wireless and there is not a thing in the panel - no connection found.

    How do i get this wireless card to work again?

    I just went to a place with WIFI and nothing showed up again.
  3. There may be an easy answer:

    If you suspect malware and a boot sector virus visit this site:

    They will take you through on a 1-1 basis to analyse your system, determine if you have a virus and then clean your system. hey may take 2-3 days to respond and the process may take a further 3-4 days.

    While you all appear to have the same problem do not try someone else's fix.
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