No video signal to monitor when play music

after hardrive died a6417c hp installed hardrive (up the drive to 1 tb western black and windows 7 ) sound system works except no sound display on screen.
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  1. Do you use a sound card of any sort?
  2. no, what is a sound card. the promgram work from the get go. I was told this will not work with widow 7. It would show volume up and down and mute. I tought there would be down load, can't find on H.P. Thank you
  3. Double check if cable is connected to the monitor. U know, u need to connect PC to monitor with audio cable, mostly (RJ-45 Connectors)
  4. It sounds like your trying to install a driver bud,

    Try completing a windows update.. This may install your Realtek audio driver. or the driver specific to the hardware that you are using.
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