Need desperate help-Thanks in advance!

Hey guys so I have this weird ridiculous problem. So I built this computer and let me start off with the specs:
MSI DKA790GX Platinum

OCZ 2gbX4

AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition

1000w psu with 12+ removable rails

80gb IDE hdd(i know, IDE)

SATA Blue ray drive

Diamond 4870x2 OC edition

32bit/64bit vista, windows 7, xp

So basically I started installing vista and it would always BSOD with 0x000000124 and 0x0000009c during installation of files, I tried different os's and hdds and no luck. I tried diff ram and put timings and voltage manually on ram and did a memtest and I used my geek squad diagnostics(I work there) and everything passed. So I put my freinds athalons x2 am2 in and it worked and installed perfectly so then I put mine back in and it stil gave me bsod. Then I went into my bios and put auto core clock calibration on and it started working, i could play crysis , but then after 2 minutes the computer would crash and freeze and the screen looked like a bunch of horizontal lines, I took my graphic card out and no luck. I could leave the computer on for 8 hrs and nothing would happen unless I played a game. So I ran prime95 and locked up just like when i played crysis. So i RMAd the cpu and I just got it and it still does the same thing excpet now when i keep auto core calibration on it freezes and windows wont start, but wheni turn it off it starts, but bottom line, it keeps locking up and freezing with horizontal lines on the screen. What do you guys think it is,it runs fine on my freinds older cpu? I have all bios updates and drivers properly installed. help!
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  1. If the RAM is DDR2-1066, and the memory is running at this speed, manually drop the RAM frequency to DDR2-800 or even DDR2-667 with appropriate timings @ those speed bins. Phenom memory controller is approved for ONE DIMM per channel @ DDR2-1066. Some motherboard and memory module combinations will be able to handle more, others won't.
  2. what if my ram is just ddr2-800?
  3. Looks like you need to increase RAM voltages.
  4. I called Ocz and they even told me the right voltage and timings
  5. please help
  6. So I am thinking it could be the ram. I talked to a OCZ tech and they told me to change my voltage of my nforce spp, but I do not even have nforce on my mobo. I have some pics to see if im doing anything wrong and recommended settings from OCZ (which do not work from what i tried)

    Heres what happens when I play a game or run prime95:

    Here are some settings:

    heres my ram :

    heres the ocz tech message :
    use just one stick and try the following settings:
    cas 6
    trcd 5
    trp 5
    tras 18
    command rate 2t
    trc 30
    trfc 60
    memory voltage 2.1v
    nforce spp voltage 1.45v

    I cant even change my trc to 30 or trfc to 60
  7. queer. have you run memtest86+? your RAM could actually be faulty..

    whats with the display issue though? graphics card problem?
  8. yup, I ran that and my geek squad diagnostics tool. Also I tried different ram as well, as for the gpu, it works fine and dosint do that display thing when I put my friends athalon x2 proccessor in, and I have also replaced my 9950 with another 9950 and it still does it.
  9. PCIe frequency locked?

    Also what 1kW PSU? (Brand)
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