Yet another Q9550 heating question

ok, so I just built a machine. Im very happy with EVERYTHING except the intel stock HSF. That thing is a piece of crap. computer is running stable, and here is the build

-antec 900 case (all fans at medium)
- Intel 2.83 Q9550
- ATI 4870 1gb
- Crucial 4gb PC6400 w/ heat syncs (probably going to have to get rid of these for something in the 8500 ball park, just hard to find anything reliable on the QVL)
- ASUS P5Q Deluxe

so idle* temps from Real Temp are showing 27,27,35,30. That seems just peachy to me. Test sensors read 18,15,15,16. Which also seems just fine to me. BUT when I run Prime95 my temps are shooting up to average 90+ before I stop for fear of destroying my mobo/cpu.

So my question/concern/request is. Is this normal at all? I have been googling up a storm but whenever I google q9550 100c I just get a lot of "Yes 100c is the TJ Max for Q9550" I read around the forums and seems like a lot of folks who are having heating issues with the Q9550 are showing them at idle. And Idle is not my problem at all. Its just mainly under 100% Prime95 load. I will more than likely hit 100% rendering and working just at my flow, so should I get a new HSF? I REALLY hate the push in plastic HSF, so if you guys suggest I get one I would GREATLY prefer one without said atrocity. Honestly wtf is up with that thing.

So in closing, thanks for any and all responses to my what may just be paranoia. And if you have a HSF that may work better for me a link or model would be great. Im assuming that since I have put so much time and money into my build it may be better to get an HSF with a back plate to ensure mounting and pin connections are accurate and accommodating.

I dont honestly plan on over clocking the computer, but I assume if I upgraded the HSF, and had the luxury of doing so reliably.. I probably would. I mean I was eyeballing a $200 water cooling system this afternoon, but that may be just a little too much for me to get into.

***idle I understand is not something that can be reliably achieved since system processes, factory settings, etc are not factored in. If that's not that case Im just mistaken. Its what I have always ass-u-med.
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  1. You definitely want to upgrade the cooler.

    Try either the Freezer 7 pro or the Xigmatek HDT 1283. They'll both run circles around the stock cooler.

    Oh, and pick up some Arctic Silver 5 while you're at it.

    (Hmm - that's odd. I could have sworn those cost more than that)
  2. ok sounds good, I really wanna know why the cores jump so much on max load. I'll check out those coolers. Do I need something to remove the thermal paste? Also should I take the CPU out to clean it or leave it in.
  3. I tend to use denatured alcohol to remove the old thermal paste. You could also just wipe it off (carefully). You can leave the CPU in to clean it, though you may have to remove the board to install the new cooler.
  4. edit, thanks for the suggestion, but both of those have the plastic pop in style mounts. Is that the new trend? god I hope not.
  5. ok got the xigmatek and its mounting kit. Im looking forward to that bad boy, also ordered some ram that was on the P5Q deluxe QVL. I got some instant gratification ram when I bought the other stuff. I think Ill be much happier with this 1066 ram. thanks for the help!
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