NEED HELP! Major Problems. I'm exhausted and broke.

Guys I need major help. I have been working on this build for over a week and I can't get it to work. I have tried two motherboards, two cpu's, and two sets of ram. No combination of the parts I have will boot and I can't figure out what is bad.

Here are my parts
2x1Gb corsair dominator 1066 ram
2x2Gb G.Skill 1066 ram
Asus P5Q motherboard
Gigabyte GA-EPU43-DS3L motherboard
TWO E8400 CPU's
Visiontek 4870
Corsair 750TX PSU
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Heatsink

I have tried booting outside of my case with a motherboard, CPU, heatsink, one stick of ram, video card, and my PSU and no combination of the above parts works. Every time I jump the power leads with a screw driver to power the system on the heatsink fan, video card fan, and PSU fan start to spin, but right after they start they stop and the computer shuts down. It is almost an instant on off situation.
I figured it could be my PSU now that I have tried TWO of every other key part so I bought a Coolmax PS-224 PSU tester. When I use this tester the power supply turns on and gives good readings for every voltage accept my +5VSB which gives me a reading of "LL" for no or extremely low voltage detected. Could this be my problem? Could I have multiple dead parts? Am I experiencing good parts that are just incompatible? Does the motherboard need more than just the heatsink fan plugged in to run or will it power off because no other fans are plugged in?
What really has me in a jam is that the computer acts like it wants to start up. In the very beggining a week ago I tried to boot this for the first time with two sticks of the G.Skill. It failed and I tried with just one stick of G.Skill. It worked and I thought I was home free, but after I powered my system off and removed two case fans it would not start again and since then I have not been able to make this system boot.

I am just about at my witts end here. As you can see I can almost build two computers but no matter what parts combination I get the same results. I really appreciate the previouse help that I got here and I thank everyone who replys to this thread to help make this bane of my computing life a thing of the past.
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  1. Have you tried with no RAM? Do you get the no RAM beep error?
  2. RMA the motherboard.
  3. My guess is the ram. Try some cheap ram that will run at 1.8 volt vdimm.
  4. The problem is most definatly your Power supply. You answered your own question when you said you have a dead line on the +5V supply.
  5. Have you actually ever connected everything correctly and tried to start it?

    When starting from off sometimes my computer will spin up and immediately stop and I have to hit the power button again in order to start it and sometimes there is a few second delay after pressing start before it starts booting. I have a Rampage Formula but what your experiencing sounds similar to what my system does. I would say to connect everything completely in the case and try.
  6. it has to be the Power Supply. because it stops working after a few seconds when everything is getting power, so is better if you try a different power supply.
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