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Ok, I have this motherboard. (Click Here) Don't worry, I'm not messing with you.

Currently I have a Celeron D Processor 360. I want to get a dual-core processor. But when i checked the motherboard's site, they are giving me mixed signals.

Now from what I hear, you can have a 45nm processor for a MB that supports 65nm since they both use LGA 775. But I also heard that it won't work if you don't have BIOS upgrade. Well from this site, they only have a BIOS upgrade for a E4500.

So I guess my ultimate question is, judging from what MB I have, can you computer gurus tell me what is the best possible processor I can get for my MB.

My other PC specs.

CPU 3.46 GHz
RAM 2.0 GB
Windows XP Pro SP2
ATI Radeon HD 512 MB
720 GB Hard Drive Space. (Multiple HDDs)(1 x 500 GB)

Hope that is enough to help you guys help me. If you need more info just ask.

Thanks for at least reading this far.
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  1. You might want to look into that carefully. Someboards don't support 45nm even though they use the same socket. Soemthing with the voltage difference. get a quad 65nm.. should work fine
  2. -badge

    Thanks a bunch. That is exactly what I was looking for. I guess I should have looked harder.

    So you recommend me to get a quad, even though the link badge gave doesn't have any quad support...?
  3. It should. I dont know why the site does not show that it supports quad. the quad runs the same FSB and same voltage as those CPUs badge referred to.
    Don't expect much from ECS anyway...
  4. So as long as the FSB isn't higher than 1066 and the voltage isn't higher than 1.5 V than I can run it...? And I don't have to update my BIOS...?

    Again thanks for your replies.
  5. You might need a bios update for the 45nm chip. But by default a 65nm is the basic baseline where most board starts off. They just do bios upgrades to help with some features for the 45nm.

    I wouldn't worry much about the FSB - I'm running 1800 on a 1600board. it comes into play, but not that dramatic. Just try to keep it as a baseline.
  6. The 945G revision 2 (and in your case revision3) boards support a very limited number of C2D processors. Absolutely no Quads on the 945G. Only the C2D processors listed are supported, no 45nm. Most 945G do not support C2D period.
  7. It's all a matter of voltage regulators.

    945/945G = Revision 1 MB's do not support C2D period, voltage regulators do not support C2D. Revision 2 (upgraded VR's) do support a limited number of Conroe C2D processors (witness OP's MB). No Quads (Conroe 65nm C2Q) are supported Period. No 45 nm support.

    965/965G = C2D support plus Penryn C2Q's. 45nm Penryn has issues as I understand. I have not tried 45nm on mine.

    I have both a 945G and 965P I currently run and maintain.
  8. Listen to badge, just because a board has the same socket does not mean it will support all CPU's. It has everything do with the chipset, and what the board was built to support.
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