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My question now is that I have 2 computers, 1 is for gaming other is for high performance app (much better than gaming except for gfx card wise), I am wondering, I want to keep on the files on my gaming computer as it has everything and WINDOWS XP which I want on the other computer. My other computer has VIsta and not many apps. If I just switch the Hard Drive around on the computer. For example, I want to switch my gaming HDD with the High performance HDD so I can have Windows XP and ALL my saved files on the better computer and make it my gaming comp. Is there anything I need to switch other than HDDs?

- Can I switch HDD on two computer and have Windows XP with all saved data on one computer and Vista on the other.
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  1. The short answer is no, you can't just switch drives.
    There are all sorts of issues such as different hardware and drivers.
    Then there is a Windows licence issue, do you have OEM versions of the operating system or retail?
    OEM licence is locked in to the computer it was first installed on and is not transferable.
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