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Hope everyone's grand this week; I have a question about a CPU overheating (& promise I’ve tried to do as much of my own re-search as possible).

10 days ago I installed an AMD 5600+ CPU to replace my single core 3800+ and although it seems to run fin, it does get very hot, hitting up to 68c instantly under full load (monitored by SIS & Core Temp).

I used artic Silver for the thermal paste, & the heatsink that came with the chip (4 pin connector into the motherboards 3 pin slot) on my ASUS M2N68-LA Motherboard.

I didn’t flash the BIOS but it is an up to date version phoenix technologies ver 5.02 there seems to be no way of monitoring the temps or fans within the bios it self.

Likewise Speedfan shows only rotations of 984rpm, and again no way to change it as nothing comes up in the sped fan.

The only mistake I made was not clicking the heat sink lever down properly (although the clips were connected) when I first installed and didn’t realise this until a few days in when I noticed it was running hot, and clipped it down firmly (although oddly has made very little difference to the Temps).

I hope this is enough information; any opinions on how to sort this would be hugely appreciated.

All the best & thanks :D

OS Vista 32bit
ASUS M2N68-LA Bios ver 5.02
geforce 8800gt (duo orb cooled)
AMD x2 5600+
FSP 450w PSU
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  1. whats the voltage? I would reseat the sink again.
  2. I belive the voltage was about 3.5 although not sure what that means.

    i thought it would be more likley the slow fan speed, but can try to re-set the heatsink again, thanks for your reply.
  3. have replaced the heatsink and re-applied less thermal paste (did clean the old stuff off) have had a couple of dgress drop now maxing at 66, the heatsink seems to be firmly conected witht the latch all the way down to the west of the north side.

    Any other ideas, thanks again for the help.
  4. Are you sure you have the correct three pins in the right three connectors? The PWM receptor on the fan may be plugged into the ground line, and is getting a weird signal, and running at minimum speed.
  5. Thanks Smith, i belive it is the right way though as it has a fitting joint on the back (a ridge encasing the first 3 cables), fairly sure it can only be conected the way it curently is (am i mistaken?), any other ideas?
  6. Feel the heatsink when it reports over 60. Over sixty will feel very, very hot. If it doesn't feel very hot, then either your heatsink needs to be reseated, or the temperature is being reported inaccurately. In that case, I'd start with flashing the BIOS, and if that doesn't work, reseat the heatsink again. If it actually is that hot, I'd try and get the heatsink RMA'd, or buy a new one
  7. Thanks Smith

    I have resetted the heatsink already, it dose feel 'warm' to the touch, but by the time i've unplugged the PC and opened the case it would have a chance to cool down. I decided to go with a new heatsink, this one

    Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 PWM Socket AM2

    I know it's cheep but budget tight and at least i know it's for this CPU, any ideas?

    Unfortuantly my tiny case probably wouldnt fit a better one, learning so many new things doing this (first time messing about with a PC)

    Thanks again for the help
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