Foxconn P45A-S

Anybody ever use this board. I received one and would like to hear about anybody's actual experience/use. It's a P45 board (socket 775). Perhaps with a wolfdale or yorkfield?

Foxconn P45A-S LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
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  1. I purchased this board to build my own comp 2 months ago and thus far its going great. Only noticable 'inconvenience' is the front audio connectors are located in the bottom left corner on the board, which makes it difficult to plug in to if your cable to the front is short.

    4GB corsair heatsink 800 mhz ram
    HD 4850 @ 625 mhz, 1GB memory
    Corsair ATX 650w psu
    Foxconn P45A-S m/board
  2. Good to hear. I just received a Q9650 Yorkie, and plan to run 4 GB of Corsair with XP Pro and Win7 (beta) - sounds like I have a decent chance for a good outcome.
  3. Did you OC that board - how did that go???
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