Same PC, New HD, no install disc.


I got an old PC from work that had a bad hard drive. I've ordred a replacement SATA drive. I do not have the rescue CD or install CD for that PC. I do have a much older one from my old HOME pc from 2002. My question is, what do i need to perform a XP install on these new HD?
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  1. One of the fundamental problems here is that SATA drives do not plug into old computers.
    But in case it does plug in, the disk that you have needs to be an installation disk, not a restore disk.
    If you do have an install disk, it will probably work OK. Try the activation by phone instead of internet.
  2. Sorry should have been more CLEAR, it's not OLD OLD, it's just an old one from work, it had a SATA drive in it. (Seagate 80GB) that crashed, our corp. IT has to do repairs and they said not worth their time, order a new computer and trash that one.

    So that brings it to me. I will try the old INSTALL disc, if i can find it. I was hoping i could use any XP boot disc and just use the Product Key that's on the computer.

    Thank you for the reply soundguruman
  3. a lot of times you can use the old disk with the product key that is on the computer, and it works.
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