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i want your opinion on foxconn power supplies. are they reliable?
i have a decent gpu with E8400, 2x2gb ram and an intel dp35dp MB

thnx in advance

-Sun Tzu
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  1. When I'm not sure of the manufacturer of a ps, I check the shipping weight, warranty, and 12v amp rails; It should have at least 18 amps per 12v rail; some 700 watt units have 25 amps. Foxconn makes motherboards for Dell; but I don't know who makes their ps. For shipping weight, it should be at least 4-5 lbs.
  2. i was calculating on the extreme outervision calculator how much my pc would need.
    with the GPU it said that i needed 336W and without it it said it needed 217W which makes a difference of 119W. i tried calculating how much amps does it needs by the simple equation of "current=power/voltage" (=119/12) i got approx 10Amps. Does that give me anythin?
  3. Did you take a look at the top of this section. There is a special thread called "power supply FAQ" The thread has a link to a list of tiered psu's:

    Fxconn is listed in tier 5 which is the not recommended category. Try and select a psu in the tier 2 category.
  4. Do you already have to Foxconn or are you looking to buy one? If your looking to buy a PSU what is your price point? We can give recommendations based on that. Also what GPU do you have?
  5. no ive been looking for power supplies and i stumbled upon a foxconn, plus i have a 4850 (i heard a lot abt getting a power supply with a range of 450W to 550W) im not looking for overclocking, nor im goin to use 2 GPUs.

    its a simple E8400, 2x2GB ddr2 ram, intel dp35dp MB, 1HD, 1 DVD RW.
    i calculated the power needed, as i mentioned before, using outer vision and found out that a 350W power supply would do the job (most probably with a 18A 12V)
    im just looking for nice brand that i can find here in lebanon (the price range cant really help you cz theres no specific price difference)
  6. Take a look at the link I provided. The tier2 category has a large list of very good psu brands and models. Some of them have a variety of different wattages so there should be something for you. See if there is a tier 2 psu that is available for a reasonable price in your country.
  7. thnx jhonny thats really helpful, ill look for what i can find :)
  8. and one more thing, do u recommend a raptoxx as a power supply?
  9. I am not familiar with raptoxx so I did a little research. Here is what I found:

    RaptoxX is a German company based out of Hong Kong with production in Asia. Their sales market is generally Asian and European countries.

    That explains why I did not recognise the name. I am in the USA. Perhaps someone from Europe could answer your question.
  10. well as i can see that there is some good reviews about it.
    the one i found is Raptoxx RT-500EBAL, and these are the amps delivered on each rail:
    +3,3 V: 30 A
    +5 V: 35 A
    +12 V1: 18 A
    +12 V2: 16 A
    +12 V3: 15 A
    -12 V: 0,8 A
    +5 Vsb: 2 A
    thats where i found it:
    dunno if u can understand cz its in czech or somthin
  11. I clicked on the little British flag at the top of the page to look at the English Language version of the page.
  12. lucky you :P im clicking on it and nothing is changing.
    nways, is the delivered amps by the 12V1 enough?
  13. You should be fine!

    Good Luck!
  14. thanx man i really appreciate it :D
    your the first to give straight answers on this subjects, everybody was talking technical and what they heard from other ppl .
  15. i just want to ask one more question, is the thermaltake litepower 400W reliable?
  16. The Thermaltake Toughpower and the Thermaltake Purepower series of power supplies are reliable and recommended. Generally speaking Thermaltake has a good line of psu's.
  17. i know the toughpower and purepower are the best but i wanna see abt the litepower, cz i have to choose btw raptoxx 500EBAL and thermaltake litepower 400W.
    the thermaltake got a peak load on one of the 12V rails of 18A. what do u think?
  18. Which graphic card do you have? Please post the make and model. In the meantime, I will look at the litepower 400w.
  19. diamond ati 4850 512mb
  20. Foxconn is okay but not great. I would recommend Antec, Pc Power & Cooling, Thermaltake, Ocz and Corsair. Avoid Apevia, Raidmax Broadway Com, Powmax, and Sigma.
    For that setup you could use a good quality 400w psu but since psu with 500w are very cheap i would just go with one of those 500w i recommend below, thous giving you the ability to future upgrades. Here are some psu that will work for that setup. (Your setup will use 325w peak if not less)

    Formula: multiply 12vrails times the amps to get how much watts it will output on the rails.
  21. I did a little research and found out the Thermaltake Litepower 400 watt power supply was the first entry-level psu from Thermaltake. Although the psu is still available, several of the major online vendors in the USA no longer sell the psu.

    Based on the circumstances it would seem you would be better off with the Raptoxx.
  22. Im not sure if i would trust that brand.
  23. It looks like the HD4850 draws 110W/12V = 9.16A.

    I haven't heard of Foxconn either.

    Why don't you post a list of what's available at 450-500W starting with the most expensive.

    Do they have any Corsair PSUs, maybe a VX450 or VX550? They are available in Europe.
  24. theres only thermaltake litepower 400W and raptoxx 500EBAL which are respectively 55$ and 80$
  25. I found a review on a Raptoxx that was positive, but it wasn't very in-depth.

    XtremeComputing - Raptoxx RT-450w v2.PSU
  26. Zorg,

    SunTzu is in Lebanon in the Middle East. Choices are severely limited.
  27. JohnnyLucky said:

    SunTzu is in Lebanon in the Middle East. Choices are severely limited.
    I know that, especially since he just said that those two were his only choices in the post just above mine.
  28. Oh i apologize i did not no you were limited.
    that raptoxx 500w should be enough but i dont no how long it would last.
  29. if it lasts for 2 years its enough ... cz im starting my business and by that time ill have enough money to put together a high end build.
    so you guys think in ur opinion i should go to the raptoxx?
  30. yes!
  31. Yeah, I think it is the best of the two.
  32. hey guys, i know im being a kind of an a** :P
    but i contacted the vendor and ordered the raptoxx, they send me an email back the following:
    "We would recommend avoiding Raptoxx frequency is not compatible with Lebanese ones."
    i tried to ask more abt it they shut me down.
    i dunno if they want to sell some old stock or somthin.
    could anyone shed some light on it?

    PS: Electricity in Lebanon is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second.
  33. i looked for the raptoxx frequencies they are all 47-63Hz
    im not an expert on electricity ... can anyone tell me how its not compatible?
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