Buying a SSD: Now or wait for new faster drives?


I am about to buy a SSD with capacity either 128 or 160GB to be used for my OS and applications/games. I have been looking at the Intel X25-M 160GB, but I am very much in doubt whether i should buy this one now or wait out new drives coming within the next 1-2 months? I've been reading about the Crucial/Micron C300, which appears to be very promising and faster than the Intel?

I would be nice with some opinions, buy now or wait? :)

I know this question comes up a lot when talking about hardware for pc's and probably often not worth it to wait - but I'm very much in doubt with this one, as it's probably a disc that I'd be keeping for a long time. I would really like it to last longer than my current computer (bought 1½ years ago now), so I don't have to buy a new SSD anytime soon, preferably :)
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  1. Newer, faster, cheaper drives are always going to be coming out Real Soon Now. You have to decide what your budget is and wait for a drive that meets your needs to be available within it - when that happens just go for it!
  2. I don't have any specific needs for any specific task, I'd just like to try out SSD's. I was going to buy another drive anyways, as I need that for video editing.

    Then I thought I should give SSD a try as OS+application disc and then use my old one for storage.

    So the main thing is to have a more snappy overall experience with an SSD, and maybe use it for working files when editing video :)
  3. I have the Intel X25M G2 80gig ssd and trust me it IS FAST! I did the same as you. I use my Seagate SataII 7200 rpm HD for storage and I just bought a 1tb WD green HD for storage also. I have Win 7 Pro 64 and Office 2007 on the ssd. Blistering fast.
  4. As for everyday use, do you think I would see any noticeable improvement with any new drives coming very soon? I know new stuff will more or less always be close on it's way in this field - but it's just a question if there is gonna be any quite significant increase in performance very close.

    I go from a regular HDD to a SSD and i guess this improvement will be a lot more significant than what I would get from for example the C300 disc over the Intel X25M?
  5. DO WAIT until February! The newer ones really look faster. And the older ones will consequently become cheaper.

    And even better, wait to see serious benchmarks made with IOMeter and through file copies and the same - contiguous read doesn't mean anything about disk performance.

    About the X25-M: certainly a good guy, but existing disks are already somewhat better and cheaper. For instance with the Indilinx controller. Check press benchmarks.
  6. The only problem with the Micron is that it's 128GB, I'd prefer 160GB (the 256GB micron will be too expensive for me). With 160GB I feel like I don't have to worry too much about disc space when installing applications :)

    But I guess other drives than the Micron C300 is coming aswell? Do you know which?
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